Monthly Reading: March

I kind of fell off the literary wagon this month. I only read one book. And the thing is, I had plenty of time to read two, but after I finished the first one, I felt a sort of “reader’s block” where I didn’t know what I wanted to read next.

So I just didn’t read anything.

However, the book that I did read this month was amazing. Seriously, so good.


I read Final Girls by Riley Sager, and GUYS (as if there are multiple people reading this) IT IS AMAZING. I literally gasped out loud while reading because I was that SHOOK. It has everything: murder, mystery, romance, female empowerment–what more could you want out of a novel?

You know how in horror movies there is always that girl who survives this horrific massacre even though she seems like the person who would totally die first? Final Girls is about those girls–the final girls. I mean, how can you not already be intrigued?

I seriously can not recommend this more. I haven’t felt this impressed and excited about a book since Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll (who, by the way, has another book coming out soon).

So there you go. I failed this month, but I will just blame it on Final Girls being so amazing that I just couldn’t follow it up with something that might be mediocre.


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