Treating Yourself

I am a firm believer in treating yourself. My bank account, on the other hand, is not.


There has to be a balance between saving everything and spending everything. One of my goals is to save money this year. Fortunately, I am finally in a better place financially, and I am able to set something aside each month. This is a huge improvement from where I was a year ago. A year ago, I was struggling to pay rent, or anything for that matter. I ended up selling some of my text books back early just so that I would have gas money for the week. It was not my greatest moment.

What I’ve learned is that while it is very good to save money, it is also good to reward yourself sometimes. Life is hard and if swiping your debit card on a few unnecessary luxuries is bad, I don’t want to be right!

In the spirit of treating myself, I went to the North Georgia Outlets this weekend with some friends on the hunt for a new purse. Purses to me are what designer shoes are to Carrie Bradshaw. Basically, I can’t help myself. They’re just so beautiful.

I started with Kate Spade which is where I bought my purse last year. They are currently having some great sales (and if you are a student, you can get an addition 15% off!), but I just didn’t find any styles that I couldn’t live without. Although, their new scalloped tote bags are gorgeous!

After a short time wandering through stores on the hunt, we finally decided to go into Coach. I used to associate Coach bags with a certain age group that I was not a part of yet, but they have had a serious re-branding. They had a beautiful assortment this weekend with several cross-body options which is what I prefer.

I’d like to present to you the Christie Carryall Crossbody. It really is a beautiful bag, which comes in a variety of colors so there is something for everyone.


There are two functional zippered pockets on both sides and then a middle compartment with a magnetic closure. I was a little unsure at first, but I have quickly fallen in love with it. The thin straps are very comfortable and don’t slip off of my shoulder like some thicker strapped purses.


Thank you for reading!


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