Whole30 Adventures: Week One

My first week was hell, and I am still wondering why I am still continuing this horrid plan. The bride has already called it quits, so honestly, I could probably stop if I wanted to, but I am in it for the long haul (i.e. the next 22 days). Call it sibling rivalry, or what have you.

Following Whole30 really isn’t that difficult, especially if you take it a meal at a time. And for me, it really has been a breeze, up until my mouth broke out in a million little blisters, from what I am assuming is a cashew allergy. I’ll keep the gorier details to myself, but I’m willing to share if you are interested. It was absolutely infuriating, because not only did I have to eat healthy crap, but I had to do so through dry, swollen, and bumpy lips that cracked every time I opened them, and then as I swallowed said “crap” it had to first get past the sensitive bumps on the back of my tongue and roof of my mouth. Pizza and ice cream never did such things to me! As of now, my lips are almost back to normal, and I am kicking Whole30’s butt instead of the other way around.

Here is a rough break-down of how my days went.

Breakfast: Eggs and Spinach

I have almost an hour commute to work, so I was not a fan of waking up early to cook breakfast. So, I would grab a few baby spinach leaves and two whole eggs (raw and uncracked) and put them in a plastic container. Then, when I got to work, I would crack the eggs onto the spinach and microwave the container for a minute. Ta da! Easy breakfast in minutes.

Lunch: Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

My favorite recipe so far today has been Lemon Rosemary Chicken and Sweet Potatoes. So if we had it for dinner, I would bring leftovers for lunch the next day. A quick and easy Whole30 lunch trick is to try the burrito bowl at Moe’s or Chipotle without the rice and beans. So, basically, chicken or steak and then load up on the veggies.

Snacks: cashews carrots

You are allowed to have cashews and almonds, as well as a select few Lara Bars. Unfortunately, I decided to purchase the cashew cookie Lara Bar, so I never got a chance to try it. It is encouraged to only indulge in a Lara Bar if you are craving sweets. It’s always safe to have vegetables. You can fruits on Whole30, but not really as a snack. If you decide to have fruit, have it as a side with a bigger meal.

Dinner: Hamburger and Broccoli

We’ve tried a lot of recipes this week, but another favorite is the simplest. Hamburger (obviously, sans bun) with mustard and a side of broccoli. One of the best things about Whole30 is that you can season everything. Packaged food is jam-packed of so much sodium that no amount of salt you put on your food can compare, so you are free to go crazy with the salt. Just make sure you are drinking tons of water, as well.

I have to admit, I did break one primary rule of Whole30. I weighed myself. It is frowned upon to weigh throughout the 30 days because Whole30 is not actually a weight-loss program. It is more of a cleansing program, so they don’t want you to get discouraged if you don’t see results on the scale. However, after one week, I did end up losing 10.2 pounds, which is incredibly encouraging. I will try my hardest not to break that rule again throughout the remainder of the program, but it’s so tempting.

I am proud to admit that I am finally catching onto this program, and am starting to understand the ends and outs of it. And for anyone considering this program, I hope my mouth herpes (just kidding) doesn’t deter you.


Starting Whole30

Good evening! I am writing to you from a post-Whole30, hunger-induced stupor. For those of you who do not know, Whole30 is a diet in which you eat only natural and unprocessed foods (a feat that is seemingly impossible) for 30 days. I am only one day in, so I’m an amateur, but I figured I would document these thirty days so that I can 1) keep myself accountable, 2) keep track of the progress I’ve made throughout the month, and 3) force myself to write on a regular schedule. (CAUTION: I will NOT be updating this blog daily–I have a life)

As with any diet, the first few days are the hardest. Unlike other diets I’ve done in the past, I don’t feel very prepared. And I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing. Luckily, I am not attempting this plan alone. I am accompanied by my two sisters and mother in hopes of shedding a few pounds before my sister’s BIG DAY next month. One of my sisters is a Whole30 veteran, so she is here to guide us on our way, which I am incredibly grateful for because I have no idea what I’m supposed to be eating. I get that it is kind of like the Paleo diet, but then I’m lost.

If you are interested in doing Whole30, but are also clueless as to how to get started, then I hope you find this helpful.

Here is how Day One went:

I woke up starving at 6:45AM. I hardly allow myself enough time to get dressed, so making breakfast is a joke. Luckily, my mother had meal prepped for us, so all I had to do was grab my pre-portioned meals and head out the door (Oh, the joys of living at home!). I have about an hour commute to work, so by the time I got there I was ravenous. I heated up my container of seasoned sweet potatoes and broccoli, and then realized that I was supposed to cook an egg to go with it. I finished about half of it before it got cold, and even though I was still hungry I didn’t eat it.


Around 10 in the morning, I began to day dream about where I would go for lunch until I remembered that I had brought my lunch. Just the thought of the avocado-chicken salad on cold, leafy lettuce had me second-guessing my decision to try this Whole30 thing. And when it came time for my lunch break, and I took my first bite, I was sure this plan was not for me. So, after spitting out my first bite (I’ll spare you that picture), I decided to go to Moe’s and get a burrito  bowl without rice or beans, which basically left me with chicken, lettuce, and pico de gallo. It was delicious, and I’m pretty sure Whole30 approved.

Dinner is still in the works, since I just got back from grocery shopping, but I think tomorrow will go a lot better. Maybe I will actually eat all of my food. Who knows? I discovered that I can have snacks, so I am already looking forward to Day Two.